As I Said, A List of Writing Links

Crossposted on Virtual Brush Box: As I Said, my daily blog.

In an effort to organize – and possibly jumpstart – my writing career, I have collected my past posts on writing. From here on, writing posts will self-collect here on the writing blog. At least, that’s the plan. For the moment.

Virtual Brush Box/Rodney’s Saga
(Why the two names? [Introduction])
[Daily Inklings, Another Internet Writing Site]
[Now Or Forever? Six Publishing Possibles To Ponder]
[Branding Without Having A Brand]
[Writing Rules, Which Ones?]
[State of the Blog: A Marketing Haiku]
[750 Words, A Place To Write]
[Writing Utter Nonsense]
[Schadenfreude Saturday, My Pain Is Your Amusement]
[10 Reasons to Get Paid to Write]
[Off Topic: My Origin Story]

Off Topic
A secondary blog I had for a while.
[My Origin Story]
[Two Sentence Genre Stories]
[Two Sentence Horror Story]
[You Say Escapism Like It’s A Bad Thing]

See you on my book tour,
Katherine Walcott

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