Behind the Photo

Photo by Meg McKinney

I had planned a long post detailing my modeling ordeal [My New Author Photo]. Come the day, it was simple.

We discussed what I would wear (casual). Make-up (not happening). Meg suggested sitting on a haybale. I loved this idea, on brand but not overly horsey, thus useful for non-equine outlets.

Meg reminded me that an animal in a photo would draw the viewer’s eye to the animal, not to mention complicating the shoot itself.

Initially, I wore Rodney’s dark green show shirt. I brought extras. She liked the red of Milton’s show shirt instead.

She took hundreds of photos from half a dozen locations with several poses in each location. Slick hair back. Pull wrinkles out of shirt. Smile. Look over here. Look thoughtful. Click. Click. Click.

You might think it went well because Meg and I are friends. No. I might know you for 20 years. You pick up a camera. You point it at me. I will still look like a gaffed fish.

It went well because I trust Meg as a photographer. I’ve seen enough of her work to know that she wouldn’t make me look like a dork. If she has a twenty-double-zero expertise it is in capturing the moment. Her candid photo-journalism work is outstanding. If anyone could make me look good, it would be she.

This is why one hires a professional.

Now, to find uses for my new author photo.

Meg head



See you on my book tour,
Katherine Walcott

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