I write a daily blog, Virtual Brush Box. It is mainly equine. Occasionally, I post on other topics. Lately, I have been posting about writing on Saturdays. Will Write For Feed Blog is a repository for my writing posts. A blog for people who want to read about about writing but don’t want to plow through clouds of horsehair. All WWFF posts will be crossposts of VBB posts.

To recap. Here, writing. There, horses, writing, horse shows, graphic design, barn life, LEGO builds, and you get the idea. If you follow VBB, this blog will a repeat. For the moment.

Why the redundant title?
willwriteforfeed.com is the website, or will be.
willwriteforfeedblog.com is the blog associated with the website.

Comment Policy
Same as other blog, State of the Blog: Comment Policy


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